New understanding of genetic replication could help in the fight against cancer

A new line of research from a team at Florida State University is pushing the limits on what the world knows about how human genetic material is replicated and what that means for people with diseases where the replication process is disrupted, such as cancer.... Read Story

Professor named Mason Ladd Professor of Law

Professor David E. Landau has been appointed the Mason Ladd Professor of Law. The professorship was established by friends and admirers of Mason Ladd, who was the founding dean of the Florida State University College of Law.... Read Story

Neuroscience student wins timed thesis competition

Kimberly Smith, a doctoral candidate in Florida State University’s neuroscience program, won first place in the finals of the Three-Minute Thesis competition Nov. 18 hosted by The Graduate School at the College of Medicine Auditorium.... Read Story

Study: Environmental bleaching impairs long-term coral reproduction

A new study by a Florida State University biologist shows that bleaching events brought on by rising sea temperatures are having a detrimental long-term impact on coral. ... Read Story

FSU among nation's elite for study abroad totals

The Institute of International Education has ranked Florida State University among the nation’s Top 25 universities for the number of students sent to study abroad for credit.... Read Story

Researcher to lead Florida Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Zachary Champagne will work to modernize the group’s outreach to include more beginning teachers.... Read Story

How to stay healthy this holiday season: Tips from FSU exercise, nutrition experts

Florida State University’s Department of Food, Nutrition and Exercise Science faculty members have some easy advice for those hoping to stay healthy and stress free during the holiday season.... Read Story

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