Institute for Successful Longevity lecture

Michael Marsiske, an associate professor and associate chair for research in the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology at the University of Florida, will give a public lecture on successful aging, "Active and Beyond: The Evolving Landscape of Cognitive Intervention for Older Adults." The lecture is sponsored by Florida State University's Institute for Successful Longevity.

Focused on the evolving landscape of cognitive intervention for older adults, Marsiske is helping to lead a national research effort to better understand, and ultimately counteract the mental declines associated with aging.

The public lecture will take place:


1:30 P.M.




 As an unprecedented proportion of the population reaches the seventh decade of life and beyond, the continued health and well-being of an aging society presents a unique challenge to scientists, health care specialists and policy-makers. FSU has responded to this challenge with the creation of the Institute for Successful Longevity. Through the institute, FSU is working to study the mechanisms of age-associated disorders and develop ways to counter the functional and cognitive declines of aging. 

This speaking event is open to all and is completely free of charge. A short reception will take place immediately following the event’s conclusion. For more information, visit the event listing.

Directions: From downtown Tallahassee, travel west on Tennessee Street and turn left on Stadium Drive. The College of Medicine is located on the corner of Stadium Drive and Call Street. Parking is available in the parking garage on the corner of Stadium Drive and Spirit Way.